3 Best Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers in 2020

Could this be true? The 13th one?! I could not believe my eyes when I walked inside the door…

But sure enough, there was the 13th dog toy laying in pieces on the ground… I couldn’t blame Xander (my Golden Retriever), he’s just too cute! That was the last experience I had before I set out to find my dog an indestructible toy once and for all. 

With every toy manufacturer claiming that their toy is the strongest and longest-lasting… It is hard to figure out which ones are the true winners. 

So if you are like me, and need an indestructible toy that is no match for the heaviest of chewers…

Then you have come to the right place! In this article, I am going to show you what the 3 best dog toys are for heavy chewers in 2020. And you’ll be able to figure out which one is best for your furry friend! 

What Materials are Best for Durable Dog Toys?

We have all seen the toys that are destroyed in the first 7 minutes…

And the toys that last forever.

So here’s the thing, it all comes down to the material they are made out of.

Materials That Make The Toughest Dog Toys:

Double Knitted Rope: Tug of war anyone? Not only is rope perfect for tug of war, but it is also a very durable material. Cloth and fabric that is double knitted is also a great toy material.

Animal Bone: Animal bones both last forever and sharpen your dog’s teeth. Your pup will likely go crazy after smelling a fresh animal bone and start gnawing away.

Rubber: These come in the most exciting of shapes. Toys made from rubber are non-toxic, durable, and safe for your dog to chew on.

Nylon: Similar to rubber, this hard plastic will stand up to the most aggressive chewers. It does this without damaging your pup’s teeth.

Consider toys made from these materials the next time your doggo needs a new long-lasting toy.

Which Dog Breeds are Typically Heavy Chewers?

Some dog breeds are born with the prehistoric urge to chew. And I mean chew through anything they can get their paws on…

They can’t help it! Some dog breeds are full of energy and need an outlet. The perfect outlet is a toy that can stand up to their aggressive chewing. 

First things first, let’s identity which breeds are going to need the most durable dog toys. This is to ensure your furry friend is enjoying him/herself (and not rip up your favorite pillow).

This way you can know if you are going to need some dog toys for heavy chewers. 

Heavy Chewing Dog Breeds


Photo by Marliese Streefland on Unsplash

Photo by Maurits Verschoren on Unsplash
Border Collie

Photo by Baptist Standaert on Unsplash
Golden Retriever

Photo by Kayla Koss on Unsplash

Photo by Vidhey PV on Unsplash

Photo by Carlos Lindner on Unsplash
Jack Russell’s

Photo by William Moreland on Unsplash

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

Photo by Zachary Casler on Unsplash
Australian Shepherds

Photo by Maud Slaats on Unsplash

Pro tip: Exercising your doggo regularly is a healthy way to reduce the number of things they destroy. Without exercise, they become bored and restless. 

Our Top 3 Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers

Without further ado, the best 3 dog toys for heavy chewers!

Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy

Photo from Amazon.

Never come home to a shredded belonging again. 

With the classic Nylon material of this Nylabone toy, it is no wonder why it has an Amazon rating of 4.5 stars. 


  • Satisfies your furry friend’s prehistoric urge to chew
  • Always entertain your dog with three different shapes
  • Irresistible Chicken flavored
  • Increase dental health from the little nubs that clean your dog’s teeth while they chew this toy
  • Never buy another dog toy again because this is made from Nylon


  • Painful to step on
  • Only one color
  • Only one size

So here’s the thing, if you are a dog parent who never wants to worry about your dog’s dental health and enjoys watching your dog in love with playtime…

Then end your hunt for the perfect dog toys for heavy chewers with this 3 pack

West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Tug-o-War

Photo from Amazon.

Stop loosing to your dog in tug-o-war matches.

Instead of losing your grip at the beginning of a tug-o-war match and having to watch your dog arrogantly walk away victorious with the toy… 

Have the ability to hold onto the toy!


  • Extra fun from stretching twice the length
  • Win in tug-o-war against your dog, because its shape works great for humans and dogs to hold onto 
  • Easily clean this toy by simply throwing it into the dishwasher
  • Have the perfect fit from one of the two available sizes
  • Exercise your dog better by throwing this farther than a tennis ball


  • Known to break easy, although it is 100% guaranteed against dog damage so you will receive a replacement one
  • No ball shape at the end
  • Not the best material for chewing

End your losing streak in tug-o-war by having the ability to hold onto your end of this toy

Tuffy Mega Boomerang

Photo from Amazon

Go to the bathroom with complete trust that your feet will survive. 

So get this, when you don’t have a sharp dog toy, you can’t step on anything that will hurt you in the middle of the night.


  • Attracts your dog with a squeaker in the middle
  • Easily cleanable, just put it in the washing machine 
  • Safe for your dog, the toy is made from non-toxic materials
  • Durable enough for your dog! The multiple seams and 3 layers of cloth used to craft this toy holds up to heavy chewers
  • Exercise your dog better by throwing this 3 prong frisbee shaped toy farther than a tennis ball


  • Squeaker can choke your dog if they chew to the center
  • Can fall apart from the absolute most aggressive of chewers
  • This is a lightweight toy, which might be uninteresting for your dog

Watch as your dog falls in love with this squeaking and durable toy!

Heavy Chewers Deserve Toys That Last! 

Thanks to the “3 Best Dog Toys For Heavy Chewers In 2020”, you can now buy indestructible dog toys with comfort! You can forget about coming home to destroyed toys and ruined pillows. 

Which toy will you buy for your dog first? Let me know in the comments below. 

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