Drive Sales With Emails

So you want to increase revenue through emails, but you can’t seem to hit the numbers you want. 

You probably know that one of the best ways to drive sales is through emails.

So if you read this post to the end, you’ll understand how to send emails that drive revenue. 

And here’s the thing, before you can send your audience emails, you need to get their emails.

But if you are wondering why you should be sending emails, I’m going to have to send you back to my post which explains why email marketing is important.

Boost Email Subscribers by Leveraging These 4 Strategies 

These are hands down the best 4 ways to build your email list.

But only if you want your list full of people who are actually interested in what you have to say. 😉

About Page

Your about page should be about… well…

About you! (gee thanks)

No worries everyone I’m here to help!

All jokes aside, if someone is looking at your about page, they are interested in you.

And if they are interested in you, then they are a pretty good person to add to your email list. 

And of course, you need to have an email sign up on your about page.

If your about page is rather long, have two email sign-ups. One at the top, and one at the bottom.

Homepage For Email Signups

You’ve seen how most home pages are a list of their most recent or top-rated blog posts. 

I get it, you want your readers to be able to find and enjoy what they came here to look for. No problem with that!

Except for the lack of email signups…

The biggest sites like thehustle, Facebook, Instagram, and Backlinko, all have their signup up features on their homepage. 

And you should have a signup on your home page as well!

In fact, when you reach thehustle’s main page via google, the only option on the entire page is to signup for the newsletter.

It makes it real simple for the reader…

If they are interested, they signup.

Lead Magnets at the End of Your Posts

Ok, this one is a little bit more tricky.

Let’s say you write a post about how anyone can have more time in their life.


By using the time blocking strategy to organize their schedule. 

And at the bottom of your post, you offer the readers a PDF download of a schedule so the reader can easily implement this into their life.

Simply have the signup at the bottom to automatically send them the PDF.

For example:

Exclusive Bonus! Click here for a time blocking schedule, that you can use today!

Now your readers will get your PDF and newsletters. 


Popups (Not The Bad Ones)

We all have experienced those popups that attack us to the point that we punch a hole through our computer screen and rip our hair out. (Hopefully, I am not the only one)

These create a strong hatred for the brand that created the popup.

On the other hand. Having a popup that appears right when the reader is leaving…

Motivates them to “not forget to signup” right before they leave. 

This is because the reader can peacefully read your content without popups.

And right as the reader is leaving, nudge them to signup for more updates and info. 

Bonus Tip:

Use Optin Monster to gain more email subscribers!

It is a powerful conversion optimization software with specialized tools.  

What this means, is you can get more of your interested viewers to signup for your email list. 

It also integrates with all of the ESP flawlessly. 

Action Step: Start by adding email sign-ups on your home and about page. Then use lead magnets and popups


I hope this post helped you understand how you can drive more sales with emails.  

But if you want to learn even more about email marketing…

You’ll need to check out my email marketing ebook.

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